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"Truth Love Clarity" oh, and Immortality Darlin"
Robert Ray Hedges accelerates this immortalizing intent internetedly, Robert Ray Hedges is auditioning the most sexually beautiful females on Earth for the postion of ShesusChrist, a Darwinian Hybris Christ, a Para-Psychical fusion for Science and Religion, a bridging entity in the miraculous administration of our human desiny PARADIGMALITY as a MANDATORY Immortality beehiviour femino-centric govern-MEANT. Truth Love and Clarity; Let's see, what university teaches something this important?

Children's Search Engine Results Manipulation School, NOW OPEN ONLINE, is karmically correct for that portion of humanity who will be here the longest[Young Humans Exactly] and has the least to say about how their reality is managed.
Respect for children needs a LOT of Improvement MEANT!
Truth Love and Clarity are rarely all found in a single Humanoid.

The Very best of the Most Sexually attractive clear minded female humans on earth have more influence as inspiratory educators, have you noticed this before I told you?

This stratagy is accelerational in its quality and power of purified intentionality, done internetedly, using [Psychical Internetics], a para-linguistic hybrid phonetic tool of our shared higher mind. Now you really like me don't you!, I can tell, (intuitionally of course).
Truth Love and clarity for earth children. Now that would help our humanity!

Children, the most recent members of our para-cultural sum of all genealogies are now psychically at the mercy of many many ignorant adults in most countries and cultures. This fact really really sucks; eye checked!

It is really Good news that the internet provides us with an inexpensive universal communication and education system so that these new people can be protected and educated to fix their ignorance.
Respect for Life is hard to over do as I have researched it some. Lack of respect for life is rampant around our Earth. All children are open and vulnerable
to absorbing the current adaptive neurosis and becoming as destinially useless to human evolution as the current general
adult population. It is definitely the blind creating additional blindness for most if not exactly all new humans. Fortuneately, the genome has created a real shortcut into the human mind called our Internet. A new level of truth and clarity is being overtly shared
into the hearts and minds of the freshest portion of the composite human mindc.those of our youth. People claim they dont want children molested and then they turn right around and hook them up to the illuminati matrix vampire death machine and call it [get this] raising children.
Truth Love and Clarity are clearly interneted now! Immortality School Free
Evolving Education systems done internetedly.

Google has the most wonderful search pages that can be rebuilt and uploaded to servers (either free or paid for servers).
These pages. when created with a few simple techniques, create a divine form of search engine results manipulation art.

A few years back I used to use Yahoo Search pages for another free and quick page generator. But, recently, they altered their code and are blocking all my children's immortality links so I have to redo all those pages in my various websites where those pages were stored. I was creating their immortality and they blocked me. Yahoo is just dying to be in control. That's so sad!

Below is some html code copied from a RECENT Google search page made on March 7, 2008 and was pasted into this google groups page editor without a hitch.

One important thing to notice is that new search terms and keyword strategies can be integrated into the html code here to take this internet strategy into a higher RESPECT FOR LIFE intention vector. This is a Karmic Modulation Event operating in Causality. What will be really interesting is to see how long it takes honest Google employees to come in here and help children (Their children in particular!) to learn how to awaken adult humans to children's immortality rights education Interneted. You already know what will happen to these children that we currently pretend to respect if we don't create this reality for them Now! DON'T YOU?

Tip: Save time by creating your immortality instead of completing your culturally induced suicide coma psychical attribute [unsensed] (Note: I said please!)

Just know that I am willing to renovate your psychology to make you a profound leader of new paradigm Karmic Engineering.

This is in accord with the concept of beehiviourism [coordinated universal immortalising intent], a genomically infered attribute of why-you-existness. I acknowledge that this form of personal transformation can stimulate fear and doubt in people and that can take the form of pain, anger, confusion and become a motive for resistance. Still, you, like me, cannot avoid the truth that our impending death is not solved yet. It is natural to resist sudden change, psychologically speaking, as it impacts your feelings and creates the quality, or lack of it, in your experience.

I changed Google's <h2> to <h4> and </h2> to </h4> to make the link text smaller.

Google Search Technology creates such great html code and you can quickly use for keyword rich body which you may modify to your liking or not..... templates for building search engine results manipulation pages for children's Internet education! Just for the record, Google has been my favorite search engine since 1998.